Interview with Helena Hallgarn, an ELTA Board Member

Helena Hallgarn is one of the pioneers in legal tech in Scandinavia. She founded Virtual Intelligence VQ 2010 together with her colleague Ann Björk, after working in law firms for 16 year (at Mannheimer Swartling, Vinge and Gernandt & Danielsson). At Virtual Intelligence VQ they have been able to combine their legal knowledge with their IT skills to develop innovative IT tools for the legal sector. Their most well-established tool is the digital associate VQ Legal. It has truly changed the way company registration matters are being managed.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers! What’s your name and your job in the legal tech scenario?

My name is Helena Hallgarn and I am one of the pioneers in legal tech in Scandinavia. Me and my colleague Ann Björk founded Virtual Intelligence VQ 2010 to be able to combine our legal knowledge with IT skills to develop innovative IT tools for the legal sector. (Before that I worked in law firms for 16 years; at Mannheimer Swartling, Gernandt & Danielsson and Vinge.)

Why you do think that innovation and technology are important in the legal sector?

We need to make law more accessible and also more affordable.

Which is/are the most promising vertical/s in legal tech as today?

From my perspective in Scandinavia I believe there is too much focus on tech solutions, its possibilities and how lawyers should change their working methods. We should move on now and change our focus towards the customer and build legal solutions instead. That would be much more promising.

You are Ambassador/Director at ELTA. Why one should join a legal tech association?

If you want to learn more about what is happening in legal tech in different countries and get to know people with a great variety of knowledge and skills.

Give our readers a quick picture of legal tech in your country (or in the country you work/live). Let’s start from this: is the legal system aligned with the level of innovation of the country’s economic, social and cultural contexts?

In Sweden we are really good at tech in general and also at legal tech, with a lot of innovative people and companies. Since anyone can practice law in Sweden (there is no regulation of legal services) we now have a great opportunity in developing new innovative legal solutions.

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