Interview with Ebru Metin, Ambassador of ELTA for Turkey

Today we interview Ebru Metin, Ambassador of European Legal Tech Association for Turkey and Member of Global LegalTech Association, specialized in contracts processes regarding sponsored research, university-industry collaborations, and strategic alliances. In addition to this, she acts as the main point of contact for projects in the legal industry. Also, she holds several memberships in professional organizations and networks following a growth mindset through communities. These include European Legal Tech Association, International Association for Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM), Service Design Network (SDN), University-Industry Innovation Network, Istanbul Bar IT Law Commission, Legal Operators, and Legal Design Alliance. She is an alumnus of Bilkent University (LLB, 2009), Istanbul Bilgi University (LL.M, 2013), and King’s College London (LL.M as a Jean Monnet Scholar, 2014).

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers! What’s your name and your job in the legal tech scenario?

Ebru Metin, Ambassador of European Legal Tech Association for Turkey and Member of Global LegalTech Association. I am a contract management expert at Sabanci University Technology Transfer Office, specializing in contracts processes regarding sponsored research, university-industry collaborations, and strategic alliances. Before becoming a non-practicing lawyer, I held positions as in-house legal counsel, corporate governance analyst, and data protection officer in private and public organizations in Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Spain. I was admitted to Istanbul Bar Association in 2011. 

Why do you think that innovation and technology are essential in the legal sector?

Every sector has been transforming with digitalization and organizations’ introducing new technologies to their processes. To stay relevant, the legal sector needs to transform as well. In order to do this, we need to change our mindsets with different methodologies, i.e., legal design. The next step is to understand new technologies. Later we need to increase our innovation capacity and carry out innovative activities to introduce new processes, products, or services to market to create value for clients and citizens. 

Which are the most promising verticals in legal tech today?

Today’s most promising verticals in legal tech are contract management, document automation, and advanced legal research databases. 

You are Ambassador/Director at ELTA. Why should one join a legal tech association? 

For networking, knowledge sharing, benchmarking, and ideally co-creation.

Give our readers a quick picture of legal tech in your country. Let’s start from this: is the legal system aligned with the level of innovation of the country’s economic, social and cultural contexts?

Turkey has an underdeveloped market due to legal, cultural, and economic reasons. Turkish legal sector is quite traditional, and the legal system does not allow legal entrepreneurship for registered lawyers. In addition to this, due to economic reasons, most lawyers continue working in a traditional way to preserve their status quo. However, younger generations are very eager to learn and implement new technologies in the legal sector. Therefore, I believe there will be a shift in the industry very soon.

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